Sr. Lt. Gen. Nguyen Tan Cuong watches Viettel's products.

The report presented by Viettel's Chairman and General Director, Senior Colonel Tao Duc Thang affirmed that after almost 35 years of progress, Viettel has established itself as the foremost state-owned economic group. In 2022, the group's consolidated revenue amounted to nearly VND 164 trillion, with a profit of VND 43 trillion.

For seven consecutive years, Viettel has held the title of the most valuable brand in Vietnam, with an enterprise value of up to USD 9 billion. Furthermore, the group has continuously been an exceptional military enterprise, effectively implementing the policy of "combining national defense and security with economy and vice versa."

At present, the group is engaged in the research, enhancement, and production of products in ten weapon industries using high-tech techniques to serve the military. These products are developed by Viettel to meet the requirements of different corps and services, utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as navigation and control, self-adaptive radio, phased array radar, AI objects, and more.

Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Tan Cuong addresses the event.

During the working session, Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Tan Cuong commended the group for its creativity, determination, and outstanding performance in executing tasks. Viettel has successfully executed significant projects, particularly in challenging and complex areas. The group is a trailblazer in researching, designing, and manufacturing advanced equipment that caters to military and defense requirements, as well as the needs of the general public, he emphasized.

The deputy defense minister emphasized that Viettel must prioritize self-reliance and proactive efforts to acquire new technologies and produce high-quality products. This approach will contribute to the modernization of the military and the development of a robust defense industry.

An overview of the working session with Viettel

Senior Lieutenant General Nguyen Tan Cuong emphasized that the group's operations must strictly comply with the provisions of the law, ensuring both quality and timely delivery. It is essential to prioritize connecting and collaborating with both domestic and international partners in research and development of science and technology, as well as the recruitment and training of high-quality human resources. With the motto of "Unity, Creativity, Self-confidence, and Breakthroughs," the defense leader expressed his confidence that Viettel will continue to achieve remarkable successes in the future, earning the trust of the leadership of the Party, State, and the Ministry of National Defense.

Translated by Trung Thanh