The first 5G DFE chip in Vietnam, which is a part of Viettel’s 5G product ecosystem entirely designed by the group’s engineers, plays a crucial role in processing 5G DFE algorithms, controlling all 5G RRU (Radio Remote Unit) activities, and high-speed communication with other 5G processing units. This 5G DFE chip has a complexity level equivalent to the Apple’s A7 chip, boasting a computing capacity of one trillion calculations per second, and has earned recognition from reputable partners like Synopsys.

Visitors see Viettel's technological products at VIIE 2023.

Fully mastering the chip design process is a significant step for Vietnam to have a deeper integration into the global semiconductor industry, especially when the global market has yet to provide commercial 5G chip products. This milestone enables Viettel to manufacture various chips for multiple fields such as AI, 6G, IoT, and more in the future.

Visitors to Viettel's booth at VIIE 2023 can explore the complete 5G network system that Viettel has autonomously developed, ensuring information security and safety for Vietnam. Viettel's 5G devices incorporate the latest technologies and meet international standards. These devices are currently being used in 11 markets where Viettel invests, serving nearly 200 million subscribers.

The first 5G DFE chip in Vietnam is a part of Viettel’s 5G product ecosystem entirely designed by the group’s engineers.

At the exhibition, Viettel introduced two outstanding products within their AI ecosystem: a virtual legal assistant effectively used in the judiciary and an automated customer care support solution called Viettel AI Video KYC.

VIIE 2023 focuses on eight core areas: smart factories, smart cities, hydrogen technology, digital communications, semiconductors, medical technology, environmental technology, and cybersecurity. Viettel actively participates in all eight fields and is a pioneer in smart cities, semiconductor technology, and cybersecurity.

Located in the exhibition area of the National Innovation Center (in Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park), Viettel's booth is designed in a multidimensional digital exhibition model that combines technology solutions with inspirational artistic images.

Translated by Trung Thanh