Developed by the Viettel Cyberspace Center under the Military Industry-Telecoms Group (Viettel), the platform aims to help businesses automate their customer care process using Vietnamese language processing technology.

At the event

The platform helps businesses build an automatic switchboard system through interacting with customers by messages (Chatbot) or by voice (Callbot).

The Viettel Cyberbot uses artificial intelligence technology to be able to understand the messages that customers want to convey and automatically improve the system continuously from real situations.

It has outstanding ability in language processing and can help Callbot's voice reach a natural level, similar to 95 percent of a real human voice.

The Viettel Cyberbot’s distinctive feature is the combination of speech processing technology with Vietnamese natural language processing technology. In each conversation with users, the system can simultaneously handle speech recognition, guess customers’ intent, process information and answer customers, creating a complete solution that is fully applicable and flexible according to real situations.

The Viettel Cyberbot helps firms further optimize their customer-care resources (up to 40 percent of the capacity) while improving customers’ experience and satisfaction.

In the time ahead, the Viettel Cyberbot will develop into a comprehensive Vietnamese virtual assistant platform that meets businesses’ different demands and a system that can be deployed as an independent customer care switchboard system without the need for an internal switchboard.

Translated by Song Anh