In the competition, Viettel experts won prizes in the Local Elevation of Privilege category targeting Microsoft Windows 11.

The contest saw the competition of more than 20 leading experts worldwide from famous techfirms, such as STAR Labs, and Sea Security.

Photo: Viettel Cyber Security is the only representative for Vietnam at the event.

The Viettel experts are Dao Trong Nghia born in 1998 and Tran Huu Phuc Vinh, born in 2000. Nghia is one of the cybersecurity experts discovering more than 12 important security vulnerabilities of the Windows operating system. Nghia has twice been the winner of the Pwn2Own contest. Meanwhile, Phuc is one of the young talented experts and has first participated in an international contest.

This was the third time in a row that Viettel’s security experts were honored in such a competition.

At Pwn2Own Tokyo 2020, Viettel Group had two experts successfully hijacking Samsung and Sony SmartTVs. At Pwn2Own Vancouver 2021, two other experts also successfully exploited vulnerabilities on Windows 10 operating systems and Microsoft Exchange Server.

Pwn2Own Vancouver 2022 focused on finding vulnerabilities on major operating system platforms including Windows 11, Microsoft Teams, Ubuntu Desktop, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Oracle VirtualBox and Tesla. Pwn2Own Vancouver 2022 concluded with 17 security vulnerabilities found and awarded USD 1.155 million to white-hat hackers and security researchers.

At present, Viettel Cyber Security has more than 400 high quality cybersecurity experts, including 30 people recognized at international cyber security rankings and prestigious organizations such as Microsoft, Bugcrowd and Google.

Pwn2Own is the world's largest and most prestigious cyber-attack competition, sponsored by security firm TrendMicro and annually held by the Zero Day Initiative since 2007. In this competition, famous technology companies’ products are targets for hackers to show their skills to attack and exploit the software or equipment, enabling manufacturers to immediately correct errors and improve security to ensure information security for users.

Translated by Mai Huong