In January 2019, the group merged a number of its affiliated units specializing in defense industry, telecommunications, and commercial production into Viettel Hi-tech Corporation. Two years after the foundation, Viettel Hi-tech Corporation (VHC) is running smoothly and becomes an important technological segment of Viettel’s production and business ecology.

Developing typical hi-tech products

Engineers working with hi-tech R&D at VHC

Regarding defense industry production, VHC has produced a number of advanced hi-tech military equipment and weaponry systems equivalent to those used by NATO forces. These include control systems, optoelectronic products, and communication equipment, contributing to modernizing the military.

In 2020, VHC successfully tested various valuable hi-tech equipment and products and is ready to transfer them to military units.

In terms of telecommunications, VHC manufactured 5G NodeB base stations, the 5G core network, RFIC and DFE integrated circuits for 5G networks. Particularly, the core equipment made by VHC has helped Viettel’s 5G network test-run smoothly in a number of areas in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City since November 2020. Additionally, VHC has also created Viettel Online Charging Service (vOCS), Viettel IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and Viettel Site Router. These Viettel-made products and systems have been employed to Viettel’s telecommunication and communication networks in Vietnam as well as in its invested markets, such as Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Burundi. In fact, few telecoms in the world can produce the above mentioned products and services.

In commercial production, VHC focuses on technologies, services, and products for a digital society. As a result, it attaches much importance to researching, developing, and investing in IoT platform, AI camera, smart power distribution system, vessel monitoring system, remote cardiac monitoring device and air purifiers. Most of the products and systems have been tested successfully and are now in mass production. It is expected that commercial production of hi-tech products will hike 24% in revenue in 2021.

Focusing on defense industry development

As a key component of Viettel in research and development, VHC completed 48 research projects on core technologies while it had 66 patents recognized in 2020. Especially, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) licensed four patents to VHC last year while domestic competent agencies granted protection certificates to 19 patents, five technological solutions, and seven industrial designs of the corporation. Additionally, 25 articles were published in prestigious science and technology journals or presented at international seminars.

The above results of VHC’s research and development has contributed to building Viettel’s competitiveness in the global market as well as helped the group realize its strategy “Make in Vietnam” (researching, developing, and making hi-tech products in Vietnam).

According to the Military Balance 2020 released by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), VHC is considered one of leading Asian defense industry companies. The report underlines that VHC is successfully developing advanced military equipment and weaponry, particularly products and systems related to signal, communication and control.

Regarding its production orientation in 2021 and the coming time, VHC Director General Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Vu Ha said that Viettel has been assigned to play the core and leading role in Vietnam’s defense industry by the Ministry of National Defense in the near future. As a major defense industry branch, VHC is the nucleus of the core of Vietnam’s defense industry.

Although VHC invests in all three sectors: commercial products, telecommunications and defense industry, VHC will attach more importance to defense industry, according to its development strategy, the official stressed.

“We will continuously upgrade our technologies to produce hi-tech products of both civilian and military use,” VHC Director General said. 

Translated by Thu Nguyen