Innovative in thinking and management

Viettel realized all contents of the Resolution of its 9th Party Congress in the past term. It also created the second boom in Vietnam’s telecom history. With its successes in production and business, the group has now become Vietnam’s largest telecom. During the past term, it enjoyed an increase in numbers of 3G and 4G subscribers of 20% per year and gained more than 50% of the market share.

Its telecom infrastructure has continuously improved over the past years. It can be said that Viettel now has the largest and most modern telecom network in the country. It is now building its 5G network and infrastructure for IoT.

Viettel's 5G station

Furthermore, Viettel took the lead in digital transformation. It is now realizing projects on technological solutions at nine Central agencies and ministries as well as 23 provinces and cities. It also works with banking and financial sectors, and runs its own digital banking platform ViettelPay.

Regarding its overseas investment projects, Viettel invested in three more foreign markets during the last term, bringing its total foreign investment markets to 10 with an aggregate population of 255.5 million people. It enjoyed an average annual growth rate of 25% in its foreign investment markets.

Its second development period also had success in the network security industry. It created a national firewall system and built an information safety center. Additionally, it successfully researched and developed Reputa AI, IA News Reader, Virtual Assistant, and Chatbot.

Viettel also succeeded in other industries, such as logistics, post, retail, and hi-tech production. By the end of the past term, the aggregate turnover of its post and logistics increased five times from 2015. Meanwhile, Viettel has now become the third largest retailor of mobile phones in Vietnam. Further, it is able to produce a wide variety of equipment and products for 5G networks. It also produces 40 different types of military weaponry and equipment.

The above-mentioned positive results have come from the proper vision and breakthroughs in thinking of Viettel’s leadership and staff over the past five years. In fact, Viettel formulated a clear vision with well-crafted development strategies in the beginning of the 2015-20 term of its Party organization. Further, its leadership and staff continuously made breakthroughs in thinking and renovation in management.

One of its valuable lesson drawn from the past term is to appoint capable officers to leading positions of units. During the past term, Viettel appointed a number of young talented officers to the leadership of its units. Under the leadership of the new young leaders, Viettel’s affiliates made positive changes in their business, production and management.

Viettel also focused on developing its human resources by producing various support policies to attract talent and sending young officers to high-quality training courses. The young talented officers will become leaders and experts working for the group and its affiliates in the future.

In the 2015-20 period, Viettel’s Party Committee and Directorate had a policy to encourage their affiliates to apply new technologies in business, production and management. The group’s leaders also crafted strategies for the group to grow and catch up with new development trends in the world.

Party and political work considered a source of strength

In implementing its goal for sustainable development, it continuously promotes its trademark in both domestic and global markets. During the last term, Viettel’s Party Committee and Directorate attached much importance to Party and political work. The group’s leaders considered Party and political work as a way to raise political and spiritual strength of the group’s staff, helping them overcome difficulties and complete their assigned tasks. Viettel’s leaders also flexibly renovated the contents and forms of Party and political work in accordance to the specific working conditions of its officers and workers.They  also ensured that all its officers and workers followed the Party’s resolutions and the State’s policies.

Particularly, Viettel organized numerous online conferences to popularize new policies of the Party Central Committee, State and Government as well as the Directorate’s working plansfor all its officers and workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Viettel’s leadership believed thatthe new directions of the Party and new policies of the Government served as orientations for its development and also helped its staff stay on the right track. 

The group’s Party Committee and Directorate also frequently sent cadres in charge of Party and political work to its lower-level business and production establishments. The cadres listened to opinions, ideas and complaints from officers and workers at the establishments. The cadres could help the establishments overcome difficulties and handle their issues. For big issues, they would summarize them and then report to the group’s leadership for solutions.

In order to successfully carry out Party and political work, Viettel’s Party Committee and Directorate relied on Party cells and Party members. Accordingly, each Party cell should serve as a democratic Party and political forum, where all Party members could voice their opinions and contribute their ideas to its resolutions and working plans. Meanwhile, each Party member should be a good example at work and in life for the masses to follow.  

Additionally, Viettel’s Party Committee and Directorate paid due attention to improving working conditions, and the cultural and material lives of its staff. In fact, Viettel continuously improved the working conditions for its officers and workers by investing in building new offices and high-quality workshops. Its leadership also took due care of its workers by raising their salaries, offering free medical care, and carrying out various support policies toward its officers and workers.

In fact, its leadership has attached much importance to conducting Party and political work throughout the group over the past five years. Party and political work along with economic targets and defense mission continues to be defined as a source of its strength in the draft resolution of its Party Congress of the 2020-25 term.

Translated by Thu Nguyen