Setting specific criteria for personnel evaluation

Over the past years, Viettel has successfully attracted high-quality managers, engineers and workers. What is more, the group has arranged working positions for its officers and workers in a scientific manner. As a result, they have been able to bring into full play their talent, knowledge, professional expertise and skills at work, thus contributing more to the group.

During the 2020-25 period, the Viettel Party Committee attached even more importance to its human resource development. The leadership drew up a long-term plan to train young talented cadres and workers, and made a set of criteria for the appraisal of each group of cadres or workers. Under the sets of criteria, leaders of a unit could precisely appraise their subordinates as well as select young talented engineers and workers to train to become future leaders. For instance, the group sent three talented young officers to work in foreign markets in 2019 with the aim of training them to become Viettel’s leaders in the future.

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Viettel leadership also paid due attention to training and retraining its engineers and workers. It regularly organized training courses for its engineers and workers and invited international experts to workshops to share knowledge and experience with its staff. Over the past five years, Viettel conducted 32 training courses for 1,068 managers, engineers and workers. They also sent 102 intermediate-level officers and six senior leaders to various high-level training courses.    

During the last term, the Viettel Party Committee had good and transparent policies in posting and promoting personnel. There were always several candidates for a position so the candidates could compete one another for the position in a healthy and equal manner.

During the last term, the group’s leadership had a policy of regularly transferring key cadres from one unit to another. This policy helped cadres learn other working fields apart from their specialties and created favorable conditions for them to absorb more work experience and improve their management ability. Further, the policy also helped the group’s leadership evaluate the capacity of its cadres. Via the transfer of cadres, the group’s leadership would select outstanding cadres to foster them to be the group’s leaders in the future.

In its strategy for human resource development, Viettel paid attention to developing not only potential leaders but also an army of experts.

Over the past five years, the group’s leadership has invested considerably in developing high-quality human resources with a focus on building a contingent of proficient engineers and a contingent of skilled workers. In some cases, a competent engineer or a skilled worker received more privilege and pay than the manager of the unit.

In short, the group’s Party Committee and Directorate fairly assessed its staff during the past term, which created an incentive for all to work and devote their talent and energy to the group.

Planning human resource development for Industry 4.0

Over the past decades, Viettel’s Party Committee and Directorate of the past terms have prioritized human resource development. They sent its managers, engineers, and workers to various training courses and they encouraged all staff to self-study and improve their professional expertise. As a result, the group now has a strong workforce. Its managers have a long vision and can quickly catch up with advanced methods of business and production management while its engineers and workers are able to adapt to all working conditions at home and overseas. Particularly, Viettel’s staff can immediately catch up with new technological trends of the fourth industrial revolution, such as 5G, IoT and AI.

In implementing its strategy to expand its investment in foreign markets, Viettel has built a global network of human resources. It pays due attention to attracting talent at home and overseas. According to its leadership’s viewpoint, the newly-employed talented managers, engineers and workers will encourage emulation and innovation throughout the group.

In preparation for the Party congresses at all levels within the group, the group’s Party Committee and Directorate started planning, training and fostering to-be leaders of all affiliated factories, offices and companies several years ago. Before the Party congress of an affiliated unit, Viettel’s Party Committee and Directorate carefully reviewed the leadership ability, morality and professional expertise of the potential leaders and selected a list of candidates for the Party congress to elect its Party Executive Committee for the next term. In fact, almost all of the candidates recommended by Viettel’s Party Committee and Directorate were elected to the Party committees of its affiliated units for the next term.

With its comprehensive and careful preparation of personnel for Party congresses of its affiliated units, the group now has a strong army of leaders at the grassroots level.

Under its development strategy, Viettel will strive to become the country’s leading economic group in the period of 2020-25. To achieve the objective, the group is now focusing on digital transformation, taking the lead in building a digital economy, digital society and installing a 5G network. Furthermore, Viettel also strives to become a hi-tech defense industry complex.

All draft documents for the upcoming Congress of the Viettel Party organization underline that the key to the successes rests on leadership capacity and personnel work. So the documents suggest that the Viettel Party Committee of the 2020-25 term should improve the leadership ability of Party committees and strong Party organizations at all levels, especially those of its affiliates in faraway provinces and foreign countries. Further, the group should raise the quality of political and Party work, attach the responsibility of Party members to business and production activities, and promote emulation movements and mass movements to create momentum for all managers, engineers and workers to fulfill their tasks.

Regarding personnel work, the group should regularly organize training courses, symposiums and workshops to share working experience, introduce new technologies and improve professional expertise for managers, engineers and workers at its affiliates. Viettel’s Party Committee and Directorate should also foster young good Party members, young talented army officers as well as women, and appoint them to managing or leading positions when they are ready.

Additionally, the group’s leadership should always encourage staff members and create good conditions for all to devote their talent and energy to its general development. It should build a healthy working culture, in which all staff can mingle with one another and consider Viettel as their second home.

In the 2015-20 term, Viettel’s Party Committee successfully prepared personnel for leading positions at all levels for the next term. The prepared lists consist of cadres with good leadership ability, morality and professional expertise. During the last term, the group’s leadership evaluated managers, engineers and workers based on the results of their task performances. Regardless of their working positions, people who worked hard and effectively were rewarded while those who failed to fulfill their duties were penalized. As the reward and penalty policy was applied in a democratic, transparent and right manner, the group maintained unity among all staff, which helped it grow faster and more sustainably.

Translated by Thu Nguyen