Top priority in development strategy

In the political document of the 12th National Party Congress, the Party defines clearly, “Developing science and technology is our top national priority.” The Party has laid stress on the need to bring scientific and technological development to a new height, considering it a regular and special task of the whole Party, military and people.

Vietnam is now boosting industrialization and modernization. Therefore, the role of science and technology is even more important. For Viettel, developing cutting-edge technology is the most important requirement in the group’s development strategy.

During its history of development, Viettel has always valued efficiency and applied the most advanced and newest technologies while boosting its research to generate innovation and improvement. It has also ceaselessly expanded and improved its business operations. Mastering and producing new technologies have become the norm at Viettel.

Operating center of Viettel global network.

Even though Viettel is a latecomer in the telecom arena, the group has always paid special attention to applying advanced technologies to its production and business operations. Viettel is also the first telecom enterprise to debut 4G and 5G services while applying modern technologies to its production and business management. Viettel has invested in building modern infrastructure for its mobile, landline, and Internet coverage networks. It has also regularly upgraded its infrastructure to meet the demand of subscribers and kept up with advances in the world of science and technology.

Viettel is one of a few telecom enterprises, which have designed and installed all devices for their networks. Not only designing and installing devices, Viettel has also developed software to serve its own operations. At present, the group has built strategies and planned development steps for its technology to get itself ready to integrate into the development world amid Industry 4.0.

Along that path to development, the staffs of Viettel have been pro-actively learning and mastering science and technology and using advanced equipment in the areas of management and business operations. They also promote innovation and improvement initiatives as they develop new technologies. This is the way that the Viettel people work in order to master and make the most of the newest technologies.

Developing new technology

In its development strategy, Viettel understands that the best way to master new technologies is to have a far-sighted vision and to regularly follow development trends so as to develop products and knowledge-intensive telecom services. During this process, keeping itself updated with the most advanced and newest technologies of the world is the top priority.

The selection of new technologies has to be done based on the real demand and the strength of the group. In other words, technological mastering in general must be comprehensive while the selection must be done in reference to the group’s need. Apart from new telecom technologies, the group has also paid attention to mastering those in other areas of operation of the group.

In order to possess new technologies, Viettel must know which is the best technology that it needs in order to cooperate with and find technological transfers. The group has pro-actively cooperated with big equipment and network service providers to test new technological solutions and equipment. It has also boosted purchases and cooperation with companies featuring good technological platforms.

Together with following advanced technologies in the world, Viettel has devised policies that best facilitate the role of its cadres and employees in doing research and mastering and developing the newest technologies in its own way. The staffs of Viettel, with group culture and traditions, are those that not only take in technologies from other countries, but also know how to develop new technologies and export them to the world.

In order to do that, Viettel has promoted self-study, research, and innovation. Everyone, from the lowest to the highest levels in the group’s business hierarchy, is eligible and capable of innovating, developing, and applying new technologies.

Following and developing new technologies is, therefore, the common mission of all staff members. As a result, the group has been boosting training to unite all of the staff members in both actions and thoughts, ready to prepare a favorable market for technology development. It has also encouraged and provided favorable conditions for the staff to exploit and employ inventions to renovate technologies and improve the competitiveness of Viettel’s products.

Viettel is using the fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) to help the group master and take in various elite technologies for planning and developing new technologies in its common strategy. At Viettel, those who fail to evolve and apply Industry 4.0 technologies to their work must resign and let others take the floor.

Viettel has always pro-actively forecasted and firmly grasped the impacts of Industry 4.0 on the operations of modern warfare to firmly safeguard the Fatherland in the information technology era. Thanks to that, it has proposed sound advice to the Party, the State, the Central Military Commission, and the Ministry of National Defense in completing the country’s defense strategy in general and in researching and manufacturing weapons and equipment in particular. These jobs are the responsibility and duty of Viettel - a military enterprise imbued with the virtues of Uncle Ho’s soldiers.

Translated by Huu Duong