Falsified information was found everywhere online then, causing panic in the public. The Steering Committee for COVID-19 Control and Prevention concluded that communications plays an important role and there should be official channels that support provincial- and municipal-level health agencies and provide people with updated information.

As a result, in just six days, Viettel Business Solutions Corporation (VTS) completed an app. called “Suc khoe Vietnam” (Vietnamese Health) for mobile devices and then debuted a website at the address https://suckhoetoandan.vn.

Tele-medical examination and treatment system developed by Viettel Business Solutions Corporation

Before that, although it was still the Lunar New Year holiday, the staffs of VTS embarked on preventing and controlling the COVID-19 pandemic by establishing a video-conference that connected 23 hospitals in just a day and a half. They also built an e-medical condition declaration system in just 48 hours and put a tele-medical examination and treatment system into operation in just one week.

To gain those achievements, over the years, Viettel has gradually supported the health sector with digital transformation, helping solve major problems by developing surveillance systems for infectious disease hospitals (in 2016), the National Immunization System (in 2017), the National Methadone Treatment Information System (in 2017), and more. Health is just one of the various fields that Viettel has supported with its technology, and the people are those who benefit from those digital utilities.

Viettel has built a diverse digital service ecosystem that meets the needs of the people. The most outstanding achievements in the digital transformation of Viettel include a series of IT products and applications in such areas as e-government, smart city, health, education, transportation, agriculture, and electronic payment. Viettel is participating and playing an important role in various big projects in e-government and smart cities. Viettel’s products have not only shown their effectiveness at home, but also given the group a good reputation in the global market by winning prestigious international awards.

In its first Party Congress for the 2020-2025 term, the VTS Party Committee has set a target that aims at building the unit into the top enterprise in digital transformation consultation, serving organizations and businesses in Vietnam. The five key orientations to help the corporation achieve its goals include promoting consultation activities and digital transformation for five key customer groups (retailers, logistic service providers, manufacturing, energy, and banking sectors). VTS is determined that it is necessary to build a contingent of leading experts for the five key areas of cloud consultation, transformation and management services; data analysis and AI transformation services; IoT positioning solutions; Industry 4.0 solutions; and digital solutions for Government, education and health sectors.

Translated by Huu Duong