A leader of Thai Son Corporation reports on the company’s task performance.

According to a report delivered by Thai Son Corporation, in 2022 and the first eight months of this year, the company has exceeded its set business and production targets. In this August alone, the company has gained a revenue of nearly VND 1.9 trillion, and its profit reaching nearly 108 per cent.

The corporation has continuously constructed security, defense and other key projects. It has pro-actively invested in modern equipment and machinery to equip its spearhead industries such as trade-business, construction, vocational training, and mine clearance. Notably, it has basically dealt with backlogs in investment, finance and divestment in ineffectively-operated joint-venture and joint-stock companies.

Deputy Defense Minister Vu Hai San addresses the working session with TECAPRO.

Meanwhile, last year, TECAPRO fulfilled all assigned duties. Its turnover reached 90.9 percent of the set plan with 99.02 percent of which was contributed by major production and business activities. The average income was at VND 17.8 million VND per employee a month, reaching 108.2 per cent of the plan. Currently, the company is concentrating on developing key and traditional industries, including information technology, environmental technology, and telecommunications equipment and simulation technology.

Addressing the working sessions, Gen. San applauded the two companies for their solidarity, unity, overcoming difficulties to complete their production and business tasks for last year and the first eight months of this year.

TECAPRO’s leader delivers a report on the company’s implementation of duties since 2022.

Given the fact that economic situations keep affecting enterprises, the deputy defense chief urged Thai Son Corporation and TECAPRO to closely follow their production and business strategies, focus on developing key spearhead industries, effectively manage production and business activities, and improve the living standards of employees.

The two units were also asked to keep a close watch on the market, expand their markets, concentrate on key projects, be active in finding capital sources for business and production operations, continuously restructure in a streamlining, compact, and effective manner, and ensure good policies for their personnel and those in the stationed areas.

Translated by Mai Huong