In the past, Viettel’s staff had to do most of changes to the network at night to reduce the risk of troubles.

However, it was easy for the engineers to make mistakes, and their productivity might be low because they had to declare thousands of commands by hands while connecting with other engineers at the scene. It cost the engineers about one hour on average to create the script and declare commands for one station. In addition, the engineers at the scene might face occupational safety hazards.

Engineer Nguyen Duc Dung

Thanks to the initiative of “Automation platform for Viettel’s telecommunications network” of Nguyen Duc Dung, a staff of the Global Technical Center of the Viettel Networks Corporation (VTNet), Viettel’s staff are now able to apply changes impacts to the network without worrying about troubles. Furthermore, they only need one click, and everything will be done with absolute accuracy after five minutes. The initiative has helped create a miracle that 36,000 4G stations were automatically integrated into the IP network automation system within only six months, half a year shorter than the old methods.

Nguyen Duc Dung, author of the initiative, said that he always asked himself what he could do to help him and other colleagues feel free from typing thousands of commands by hands every night. "When we did the work by hand, only one mistake could ruin everything," he stressed. "In addition, the group began to deploy the 4G network in 2016, and we could not do the work with such a giant number of stations by hand," he remembered. Therefore, he determined to make something different.

Dung and his teammates tried to learn from other equipment suppliers in the world who had already made commercial products. He began by joining a training course about a similar product of a world-leading network provider. However, that product could not be customized and compatible with the Viettel network. If Viettel wanted to use it, the group would have to invest more in equipment and upgrade the network, which could cost them a million dollars. Therefore, they decided to build a product by themselves with a belief that as they understood their network, and they could do faster and in a more suitable way.

Fortunately, after two months of researching and programming, a pilot version was formed to be reported to the leadership. Unexpectedly, the Board of Directors highly valued his product and said that it had potential to be developed to be an automation platform for the whole telecommunications and the IT system.

Dung said that the automation platform was a product in his and other Viettel IP engineers’ dream that has now come true. This is a revolution that will change operation method of VTNet, he stressed.

Translated by Trung Thanh