The exhibits, provided by the President Ho Chi Minh Historical Relic Site, highlighted the Vietnamese leader’s imprints in different places of France such as Sainte Adresse town, Gobelins street or Compoint alley, as well as his friendly visit to France in 1946, his meetings with many delegations of the French Communist Party and French politicians, and his interviews with French reporters in Hanoi as the head of the state of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (now the Socialist Republic of Vietnam).

Delegates cut the ribbon to launch the exhibition on May 28.

They give visitors an insight into a great man with a strong will, deep love for the nation, and a burning desire to find freedom for the people and independence for the Fatherland.

Addressing the opening of the exhibition, Le Thi Phuong, Director of the President Ho Chi Minh Historical Relic Site, said that the the exhibition is to recall the most vivid memories of President Ho Chi Minh's years of vibrant activities, his tireless efforts for peace and progress in the world, and his endeavors to build and preserve friendly and cooperative relations between Vietnam and France.

President Ho Chi Minh's activities in France helped many members in the French Government, French people and international public pay attention to and understand clearly about the country and people of Vietnam, about the desire for independence and peace of Vietnamese people, about the goodwill of Vietnam, turning the majority of French people into friends of the Vietnamese people, supporting Vietnam's independence and sincere and equal cooperation between the Vietnamese and French peoples, Phuong said.

A visitor at the exhibition

She expressed her hope that the event will contribute to strengthening the friendship and cooperation between the two peoples, providing visitors with a better understanding on the common history between the two peoples and build a better future.

Christiane Guilleux, a resident of Montreuil city, showed her excitement to explore the places that President Ho Chi Minh passed in his journey in France.

Eric Lafon, Director of the Museum of Living History, said that the exhibition helps enrich the Ho Chi Minh space in the museum which expects a large number of visitors during the Olympic Paris 2024.

Source: VNA