The opening ceremony had the theme "Exploring the beauty of Hanoi." Featuring songs, dances, and performances that reflect the cultural and spiritual values of Hanoi and Vietnam as a whole, the ceremony conveyed a message of love for the ao dai, as well as the responsibility to preserve and promote the traditional cultural values of the nation.

The Hanoi Tourism Ao dai Festival 2023 officially kicks off in the pedestrian area of Hoan Kiem Lake on October 27 night.

Notably, festival-goers were treated to a feast of vibrant colors, courtesy of collections of ao dai in various colors and styles tailored by renowned designers and fashion brands from around the country, such as Viet Bao, Quang Hoa, Cao Minh Tien, Ngoc Han, OZ Design House, and La Sen Vu.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Vice Chairwoman of the Hanoi People's Committee Vu Thu Ha affirmed that the Hanoi Tourism Ao dai Festival will be held annually.

"This cultural event aims to preserve and develop traditional cultural values, to explore and honour the distinct beauty of Vietnamese culture through the traditional ao dai, which is a symbol of Vietnamese women. It serves as a wellspring of creative inspiration for the younger generation, nurturing a sense of cultural heritage, ethnic pride, and love for the homeland.

"As a unique and alluring form of tourism, the Hanoi Tourism Ao dai Festival sets a new direction and contributes to positioning Vietnam's tourism, particularly Hanoi, as a beloved and top destination for domestic and international travelers, establishing itself as a 'Top World Tourism Destination City,'" she added.

In addition to the remarkable opening ceremony, a variety of cultural activities will take place during Hanoi's eagerly anticipated autumn festival, celebrating the significance and beauty of the traditional dress.

Today, the musical program "Sac Mau Hanoi" (Colors of Hanoi) will feature songs about Hanoi, combined with artistic lighting and performances showcasing traditional and modern ao dai designs by various fashion designers.

The Hanoi Tourism Ao dai Festival 2023 will include exhibition spaces introducing archived photos, ao dai designs from popular brands across the country, and tourism products.

This year's event's most distinctive feature is the "ao dai street," named "Dao Buoc Ho Guom" (Strolling around Sword Lake), which will recreate a cultural and historical space featuring symbols of the capital's thousand-year history, including models of craft villages, the West Lake lotus, the One Pillar Pagoda, Thang Long Imperial Citadel, and the Quan Chuong Gate.

Notably, over 600 women from various families in Hanoi will wear ao dai, while another 100 individuals in traditional five-flap long dresses will participate in a grand artistic performance and parade organized by the Hanoi City Women's Union, scheduled for October 28-29.

Additional activities include a seminar on the orientation and development of ao dai in the community and its connection to tourism, the musical program "Nhip Pho" (Street Rhythm), ao dai dance performances, and ao dai flashmob dances.

The festival will last until October 29.

Source: VNA