Members of the club gather at the program.

The event introduced thousands of lotuses, together with collections of the Vietnamese Ao dai (Vietnamese traditional long dress), and antique bicycles.

Through the activities at the program, the organizing panel expected to spread the beauty of the lotus flower and the traditional cultural values of the Ao dai which flatters the beauty of Vietnamese women. At present, Vietnam is studying and finalizing dossiers seeking recognition of the lotus as the National Flower of Vietnam and UNESCO recognition of the Ao dai as intangible cultural heritage.

The colors of lotus and the Ao dai stand out from green background.

Earlier, an art space, themed “Lotus Calligraphy,” was held at the Hanoi Museum to introduce 40 calligraphy works written on lotus paintings by collector Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam, President of the Vietnamese Ao dai Heritage Club. This event was part of the activities to mark the 133rd birthday of President Ho Chi Minh. Showcased works were part of Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam’s “Lotus in Vietnamese cultural life” collection which won an Asia record. 

Within the framework of the program, collector Dao Xuan Tinh and his wife Khuc Thi Dau, who are owners of a collection of more than 200 authentic Peugeot bicycles made in France, were auctioned off a special Peugeot bicycle and handed the proceeds to the club. The bicycle, which was manufactured and assembled in 1980, remains functional. 

The Peugeot bicycle is auctioned at the event.

Receiving the proceeds, Ms. Tam treasured collector Dao Xuan Tinh’s care and affirmed that the amount of money would practically contribute to preserving and promoting cultural values of the Ao dai. 

Speaking at the event, former Deputy Minister of Home Affairs and President of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Record Association Thang Van Phuc, highly appreciated the club’s practical activities which have contributed to spreading traditional cultural values of the Vietnamese people.

Translated by Tran Hoai