Senior Lieutenant General Tran Quang Phuong, Vice Chairman of the National Assembly, attended the opening ceremony of DIFF 2024.

Spectacular fireworks performance by Da Nang (Vietnam) Team

The host team created a colorful space and a romantic rhythm with the "Sky's Dance" design, while the DIFF 2023 defending champion ArtEventia showed their power with the “Dragon’s Dance” design.

A highlight of the DIFF 2024 opening night was the artistic performance combining jetski and flyboard show. This featured a skilled combination of water and aerial dance movements, as well as extreme sports performances alongside the fireworks, executed by top jetski and flyboard athletes from around the world.

The performance by Team ArtEventia (France)

Following the opening night, the festival will continue with the following competitions: Italy vs. U.S. on June 15 with the theme “Nature’s Masterpieces,” Germany vs. Poland on June 22 with the theme “Amazing Love,” China vs. Finland on June 29 with the theme “Fairy World.” The festival will end on July 13 with the theme “Future Beats.”

Translated by Song Anh