In February 1943, the Outline of Vietnamese Culture - the first official document on cultural and art work drafted by Party General Secretary Truong Chinh was approved by the Standing Board of the Party Central Committee. Over the past eight decades, the Outline of Vietnamese Culture has proved its values.

A drum performance at the event

The program aimed to arouse patriotism and national self-reliance while upholding the cultural values and spiritual strength of the Vietnamese people. Art performances at the event featured the Communist Party of Vietnam, beloved Uncle Ho, and the Fatherland, creating a driving force for people in the construction and development cause of the capital and the country as well.

Singer Trong Tan performs a song entitled “Hanoi - Faith and Hope.”

The program consisted of two parts, namely Melody of the Fatherland and Melody of Spring. Through the event, the organizing panel would like to spread a message that music is a cultural bridge connecting the past, the present and the future. It could enrich people’s spiritual lives and create “soft power” for them, contributing to raising people’s trust in the Party and building a stronger country.

Translated by Song Anh