Heading to Spring Tourism Site

Looking through the window of the bus, I just saw the green color of trees, but sadly I could not see any mynahs. A staff from the Hau Giang provincial Commission for Information and Education comforted me in that he was taking us to “a little kingdom of birds” in the Southwestern region.

Like his saying, we felt like we lost in the middle of the wild nature when visiting Mua xuan (Spring) Tourism Site in Tan Phuoc Hung commune, Phung Hiep district. A small canoe took us through a several-meter-wide canal. There were little fish jumping up above the water surface like circus entertainers. The more distance our boat travelled, the more the beauty of the scenery was evident. When we reached the center of the sanctuary, hundreds of birds startled us by flying up. We were overwhelmed by the unique beauty of the surroundings and immediately used cameras and smartphones to capture these moments.

Since the beginning of its operation in early 2017, the Spring Tourism Site has become a tourist attraction for local people and their neighbors. The 130-hectare area was used to build facilities with a total investment of over VND 10 billion inside a 1,400-hectare natural forest.

Visiting the site, tourists could travel around by bikes on small paths or by boats through small canals to watch different kinds of birds and plants, including some listed in the Red Book.

Located about 2km from Nga Bay town, on National Highway 1A towards Soc Trang province, the Spring Tourism Site is an interesting destination for nature lovers and people who desire to discover the wild beauty of the Southern region.

Translated by Trung Thanh