The launch of the Novelind Knowledge Platform
Most of the participants want to create a breakthrough in scientific and technological activities from research products of highly practical applications. This is a key content in the delegates' speeches at the workshop. To this end, the cooperation between the scientists and businessmen is essential. This is also the best way to bring scientific research to life; in fact, the results of scientific research of highly practical applications are now limited while the connection between scientists and enterprises are vague, so many valuable products cannot be applied. Therefore, strengthening the cooperation between scientists, enterprises, universities and institutes is also a key target in the face of the fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0.

At the workshop, the Novelind Knowledge Platform with its link http://santrithuc.vn was officially launched. The Knowledge Platform serves as a bridge for scientists and businessmen to handle enterprises' difficulties by research results of scientists. This is also a stepping stone to create a sci-tech ecosystem where individuals including scientists and businessmen can share and support each other on the basis of three elements such as research, training and production; contributing to creating a favorable environment for the development of sci-tech innovation and the growth of enterprises.

Translated by Lam Anh