The workshop will be organized by the ministry, in association with the Central Party Committee's Commission for Information and Education and the Hanoi Party Committee, to mark the 100th birth anniversary of late General Van Tien Dung (May 2).

 Major General Ho Ba Vinh addressing the press conference

The workshop, to take place on April 26 at the Hall of the MND, is expected to draw the participation of officers, civilian and military scientists with nearly 100 reports, including new information and documents about General Van Tien Dung’s life, career and great contributions to the people and Party’s glorious revolutionary cause.

The workshop will make clear the great contributions of General Van Tien Dung - an outstanding citizen of Hanoi, an excellent commander, a resilient veteran communist who was absolutely loyal to the Party, the Fatherland, and the people, as well as devoted his whole life to the ideal of the Party and the Vietnamese revolution. In addition, the workshop will also highlight Gen. Dung's revolutionary activities in the struggle for national liberation and the cause of building and protecting the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

At the event, central, military and Hanoi's press agencies were asked to well disseminate information to make the workshop a success.

Translated by Lam Anh