Doctors performing a surgery on the opening day of the week
Speaking at the opening ceremony, Prof., Dr. Trinh Dinh Hai, Director of the National Hospital of Odonto – Stomatology, said that deformation of facial bone would cause facial deformities; affect the appearance, eating, chewing and pronunciation functions of the patients; and even lead to an apnea syndrome. These effects make patients feel bad with their faces which will affect their health and life. Therefore, it is necessary to implement surgical treatment which applies advanced surgical techniques. This method is meaningful to patients as it will restore their normal facial bone with the bone structure, improve the appearance as well as enhance the patients' quality of life.

The hospital has developed this treatment technology for more than 10 years with regular support of doctors from the US. This is a reliable address for the patients to receive check-ups and safe treatment at lower costs than surgery abroad.

The successful implementation of orthognathic surgery at the National Hospital of Odonto - Stomatology has made significant progress.

This not only affirms the expertise of surgeons but also of the anesthesiologists at the hospital as it is a sophisticated technique that requires them to maintain low blood pressure for patients. The orthognathic surgery is a new technique in dentistry, which will help people overcome facial defects caused by abnormal jawbone growth. With this new technique, the patient’s appearance will be significantly improved along with chewing and pronunciation functions.

Translated by Lam Anh