Some Hanoi streets seem to be in good shape after a trial period for privately-run, road-side parking services in Hoan Kiem district.

However, the public is wondering how long the apparent success will last as parking lots are already overloaded. Parking service manager have said their lots are full all the time.

The parking lot at Ba Kieu Temple next to Hoan Kiem Lake is typically full of vehicles by 9am.

Parking attendant Tran Minh Tien says the total area of 130sq.m is just enough to accommodate vehicles owned by the local population and workers at two State-owned companies in the area,leaving little space for passers-by to leave their vehicles.

Hoan Kiem district is the capital’s central commercial area, where a large number of visitors come daily from across the country for shopping and tourism.

To solve the increasing demand for residential parking, local authorities must conduct surveys to determine suitable locations for parking lots, according to the deputy chairman of Hoan Kiem district People’s Committee, Nguyen Quoc Hoa.

Local authorities have determined that the primary responsibility for managing parking lots and ensuring environmental hygiene falls on ward-level People’s Committees.

Considerations are being made for an expansion of parking acreage surrounding Hoan Kien Lake to ease the shortage of parking space.

Source: VNA