Local people offering incense to the fallen soldiers at the memorial

At the event, delegates burned incense to commemorate 64 naval soldiers, who had bravely sacrificed their lives to protect the sacred sovereignty over national sea and islands thirty years ago (on March 14, 1988).

* Previously, the Liaison Committee of Truong Sa Soldiers in Da Nang city held a vigil with a ceremony of releasing flower garlands and colored lanterns to commemorate the naval soldiers, who laid down their lives in the Gac Ma Battle. Many war veterans, naval martyrs’ families and Buddhists attended the event to pay tribute to fallen naval soldiers and comrades.

* Also, nearly 200 former naval troops nationwide, who had fought for national sovereignty over the seas and islands, recently gathered in Da Nang city to attend a vigil and take part in other commemorative activities for fallen naval soldiers.

Translated by Trung Thanh