President Tran Dai Quang and his wife attending the fish-releasing ritual. Photo: Vietnamnet

Earlier, President Tran Dai Quang and 50 overseas Vietnamese from 22 countries attending the “Homeland Spring 2017” program had paid tribute to late President Ho Chi Minh at the Ho Chi Minh Museum.

“The “Homeland Spring” program has become a beautiful tradition of our nation, demonstrating the Party’s and State’s care for overseas Vietnamese. Thank you for coming back home!” said State President at the get-together.

On behalf of successful overseas Vietnamese who have returned to the homeland and contributed to national development, Mr. Jonathan Hanh Nguyen stressed, “Over last 100 years and since the Ho Chi Minh times, oversea Vietnamese have built on the tradition of contributing to national development.”

“We well understand that Resolution 36 of Politburo articulates, oversea Vietnamese is part of the Vietnamese nation. Not only the land territory but also Paracel Islands, Spratly Islands and other 1,000 islands have all for a long time belonged to Vietnam. We will all direct our hearts and minds towards the nation and be ready to render support the nation when it is in need,” Mr. Hanh Nguyen said.

He also committed to organize shopping tours for 3 million foreigners to Vietnam in 2017.

“2017 is known as Year of Rooster. The Rooster always crows at dawn, signaling good development of the country in 2017. On behalf of 50 overseas Vietnamese participating in this event and 4.5 million oversea Vietnamese around the world, I would like to congratulate and wish the nation, State leaders and people a lucky, happy, successful and prosperous year,” Mr. Hanh Nguyen concluded his remarks.

The delegation of Vietnamese nationals in Thailand presented emerald Buddha to President Tran Dai Quang (2nd from left) and his wife. Photo: Vietnamnet

President Tran Dai Quang extended his sincere thank to overseas Vietnamese for their sentiments for the country. He also briefed the participants on the domestic situation in 2016, underscoring that as the global context remains complex and unpredictable, the country should closely watch developments in the region and world.

“But thanks to the Party’s and State’s sound leadership, great efforts of the people and effective supports from overseas Vietnamese, the country has overcome all difficulties and challenges, achieving almost all the set objectives in 2016, including ensuring social security, stabilizing macro-economy, supporting people in remote areas, consolidating national security and defense. Vietnam is still remaining as a safe and secure destination in the turbulent international context,” the State President stated

President Tran Dai Quang hoped overseas Vietnamese will continue the love for the homeland. He stressed, overseas Vietnamese are an inseparable part of the Vietnamese nation. The Party, State and people always welcome overseas Vietnamese back to the homeland, to contribute to the development of the country, the State President affirmed.

Source: Vietnamnet

Translated by Linh Chi