In a joyful and warm atmosphere, the Vietnamese NA Chairwoman inquired after all participating Vietnamese expats and briefed them of the activities of the high-ranking Vietnamese delegation at the 138th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, as well as on the domestic situation.

She highlighted the country’s recent achievements in administrative reforms and improvement of its investment environment, economic growth, the development of industry, services and exports.

NA Chairwoman meeting with Vietnamese expats in Switzerland. Photo: VNA

She also stated that the NA is promoting its supervision role and improving the quality of the law-making process.

The NA Chairwoman hailed the position of the overseas Vietnamese community in Switzerland and their supports for the continued development of the homeland.

Speaking at the talks, Ambassador to the UN in Geneva Duong Chi Dung said that the talks were much alike a meeting between a NA deputy and voters in a foreign country, and thanked the NA Chairwoman for her open talks.

On this occasion, Vietnamese expats also showed their good sentiments for the homeland and gave constructive opinions and ideas to the Party, State and NA. They expressed the wish that the NA could soon have a deputy representing Vietnamese expats and overseas Vietnamese affairs, and hoped that the Party, State, NA and Government will continue reforms and improve the quality and efficiency of their leadership, supervision and management of the economy and society.

They also expressed their concern and support for the Party’s and State’s resolute fight against corruption.

The NA Chairwoman answered some questions from overseas Vietnamese and hoped that the overseas Vietnamese community in Switzerland and other countries worldwide would continue to make contributions and join efforts to build an ever beautiful and prosperous Vietnam.

Reported by Nguyen Minh from Geneva, Switzerland

Translated by Thu Nguyen