According to a recent survey published on a local newspaper, 85 percent of interviewees said they loved Vietnamese restaurants in Prague. About 67 percent of respondents said they frequently eat Vietnamese food, while 19 percent said they take the food very frequently. One percent told the survey that they have Vietnamese dish every day.

Vietnamese food attracting Czech diners
When being asked about the taste of Vietnamese food, more than a half of the interviewees answered “very tasty” while 37 percent wanted to try.

According to many Czech diners, Vietnamese food is simple, elegant but rich in flavor and color as well as in nutrition.

Several streets in downtown Prague are lined with Vietnamese restaurants and the Vietnamese food corner at the Prague Trade Center in the suburbs is always crowded on the weekend.

The popularity of Vietnamese food in Prague is partly attributable to the efforts of the Vietnamese embassy and Vietnamese community over the past years to introduce the country’s food at various local festivals and events.

Source: VNA