The meeting drew the participation of MINUSCA leaders and nearly 60 UN peacekeepers from more than 30 countries working at the UN peacekeeping mission.

Lieutenant Colonel Le Ngoc Son speaking at the event 

At the meeting, Lieutenant Colonel Le Ngoc Son on behalf of the Vietnamese officers at MINUSCA briefed the participants on the history of VPA, focusing on the historic campaigns during the Vietnamese resistance wars against foreign invaders.

He also introduced Vietnam’s policies on foreign relations, international cooperation and integration, and the Vietnam Peacekeeping Center to the assembled guests. He said Vietnam is now gearing up pre-deployment training for the first level-2 field hospital and engineering company to be ready for a UN peacekeeping mission on request.

The Lieutenant Colonel also thanked the MINUSCA Command and staff for their support and assistance for the Vietnamese officers at MINUSCA.

Speaking at the meeting, MINUSCA Chief, Lieutenant General Balla Keita highly appreciated the three Vietnamese officers working at MINUSCA and praised their efforts and contributions to restoring peace in the Central African Republic.

He also thanked Lieutenant Colonel Son for the briefing on VPA, President Ho Chi Minh – a great leader of the world’s national liberation movement, and General Vo Nguyen Giap – an outstanding commander of a heroic army.

The Vietnamese officers at MINUSCA also took the chance to showcase books and pictures about Vietnam, its people and army, and treated foreign colleagues to Vietnamese food.

Reported by Ngoc Son-Duc Long-Tien Hung from the Central African Republic

Translated by Thu Nguyen