Delivering his opening speech, Mr. Vu Mao, Chairman of the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Association, observed that the establishment of diplomatic ties on June 24, 1967 between Vietnam and Cambodia marked a new chapter in the history of the two countries, and up to now, the bilateral relationship has been strengthened considerably.

 Chairman of the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Association Vu Mao speaking at the event

Over the past years, the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Association has carried out an array of activities, including supporting Cambodian students in Vietnam, a move that was highly appreciated by both countries’ leaders, he added.

Mr. Vu Mao also emphasized that solidarity and friendship have become an invaluable treasure of the two peoples. Hence, the meeting is one of the programs to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam-Cambodia diplomatic ties, making contributions to the development of the bilateral friendship and cooperative relations.

 A view of the meeting

Meanwhile, Ms. Men Sam An, the Cambodian Deputy-Prime Minister and Chairwoman of the Cambodia-Vietnam Friendship Association, affirmed that Cambodian people always remember the whole-hearted support given by Vietnam in the past and present, especially the assistance of the Vietnamese experts and volunteer soldiers that helped them escape and end the genocide committed by the Khmer Rouge.

She held that the Vietnam-Cambodia and Cambodia-Vietnam Friendship Associations have to become a friendship bridge between the two countries’ business sectors, localities, and peoples through joint activities to popularize the traditional and friendship ties between the two peoples.

At the meeting, participants listened to Vietnamese and Cambodian war veterans’ memories on hard times during the fight against the perpetrators of the genocide and then enjoyed art performances in praise of the Vietnam-Cambodia friendship.

Translated by Van Hieu