The JICA Partnership Program (JPP) Project has been funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and implemented in and around Hanoi area by the Japan Productivity Center (JPC) and the Vietnam National Productivity Institute (VNPI), since May 2016. It is expected to be completed in April this year.

At the seminar, presentations on the concept of Workplace Improvement & Satisfaction of Employees (WISE) were made by the four companies which showed the changes in employee satisfaction and productivity under the Project. Real stories on the challenges the Vietnamese companies had to face while applying the Japanese know-how as well as experiences in increasing employees’ satisfaction level and productivity were also introduced.

The Project aims at improving the workplace environment, business management and developing solutions for common industry problems. As an output of the Project, VNPI is expected to build a framework for implementing the Leader Training Program by themselves.

At the seminar

As of the first quarter of 2017, the Project had supported 12 companies to improve their actual employee satisfaction and productivity. Especially, the Project has helped change the mindset of both the employees and the managers.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan - CEO of Binh Minh TMC Co. Ltd, one of the participating companies in the Project - said: “This Project has dramatically improved human resources in both quality and quantity, also enhanced workers’ thinking ability during production process. As a result, our company’s revenue has been increased by 10% and the average working productivity is 10% higher than pre-project level.”

Almost of Vietnamese companies, especially small-sized enterprises are seriously facing the lack of knowledge of practical consulting skills and human resource. Through the Project, the WISE concept is expected to be widely recognized and the program which trains leaders who initiate and realize the concept will be developed and disseminated by the Vietnamese side.

“Improvement of the working environment and increasing labors’ satisfaction is very important for Vietnamese enterprises which are facing the limitation in terms of capital, technology and human resource. Under the Project, the standards and implementation methods for surveying labors as well as tools kit for improving labors’ satisfaction have been formulated. The Project also provides training to the core members who work in human resources development aiming at promoting the quality and productivity in Vietnam. I do believe, in the near future, Vietnamese enterprises will receive high-quality support and consultation by “made in Vietnam” experts,” said Mr. Kobayashi Ryutaro, Senior Representative, JICA Vietnam Office.

The JICA Partnership Program (JPP) is a grass-root technical cooperation program implemented by JICA to contribute to the social and economic development of developing countries at the grassroots level in collaboration with Japanese NGOs, Japanese local governments, Japanese universities, and public corporations, to utilize their accumulated knowledge and experience in assistance activities with the objective of bringing direct benefits to the local people of developing countries.

Song Anh