The event showcases 70 photos taken by Indian photographer, film maker and art historian Benoy K. Behl. It helps the viewers have an overall perspective of monuments and art heritage of Buddhism from the earliest time and understand more about the life of Buddha: from his birthplace, enlightenment, first sermon and final renunciation.

A photo showcased at the exhibition

The displayed photos were taken in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Buryatia (Siberia), Kalmykia (Russia), China, Mongolia, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia.

The Indian photographer has taken over 35,000 photographs of monuments and cultural heritage sites in Asian countries and directed more than 100 documentaries on history of art. His works have been showcased in 28 countries around the world and received warm welcome from international friends.  

The exhibition runs until July 28 with free admission at the Indian Cultural Center at 63 Tran Hung Dao street, Hanoi.

Source: daidoanket/VNA

Translated by Song Anh