The event is held by the Naval Region 3 Command and the Arts and Literature Association of the province.

Some visitors to the photo exhibition on Hoang Sa and Truong Sa in Quang Ngai province on August 19

Among the 110 photos on display, the 60 by members of the Quang Ngai association reflect the daily life of naval soldiers and residents in Truong Sa, along with visits by those from the mainland to the soldiers and residents on the islands and DK1 platforms there.

Twenty others by the high command depict naval officers and soldiers’ training, combat readiness, and efforts to safeguard the country’s sea areas, as well as their actions to support and save fishermen working in the vicinity of Hoang Sa.

The remaining 30, provided by the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Information and Education, are file photos about Hoang Sa.

The exhibition is expected to help improve local people’s awareness of Vietnam’s seas and islands, particularly the role and position of seas and islands in the Fatherland construction and defense; inspire their patriotism and awareness of protecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity; and introduce the works by members of the Quang Ngai association.

The display will last through August 23.

Source: VNA