The event was jointly held by the Standing Committee of the Youth Union chapter of Meo Vac district, the Museum of the Vietnamese Youth, the Youth Club for National Sea and Islands, and other relevant units.

At the event

It was seen as a practical activity to celebrate the 18th Youth Union Congress of Meo Vac district for the 2022-2027 tenure, demonstrating the spirit and will to protect national sovereignty over sea and islands among Meo Vac district’s youths.

Also, the event offered opportunities for children to understand more about national land, sea, and islands.

Reportedly, the photo exhibition consisted of two parts, namely “The Northernmost point of Ha Giang – Vietnam’s sea and islands” and “Dedication aspiration – Youth life ideals.”

The spotlight of the exhibition was 43 photos featuring the Truong Sa (Spratly) Islands and DK1 platforms, national flags floating at island-stationed units in the Spratly Islands, and artifacts related to the life of officers, soldiers, and local people.

According to the organizing panel, all displayed photos will be sold after the exhibition to buy sportswear for Truong Sa troops.

Translated by Chung Anh