Apart from its rich flora and fauna, Pu Luong attracts a lot of tourists for its pristine beauty of primeval forests, terraced fields, and peaceful life of ethnic minorities.

Kho Muong village in ripe rice season

With many beautiful caves and landscapes, it has become an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists, especially for nature-lovers and explorers of new spots.

Pu Luong is the most beautiful in September and October, when rice is ripening. All terraced fields on the hillside turn yellow, creating a dreamy beauty for the location. This is also the best time for tourists to enjoy this beautiful view. Unlike the fields on the plains, terraced fields in Pu Luong look like yellow clouds or a brocade towel.

The villages in Pu Luong now still retain the unique cultural identities, so visitors can have great experiences when visiting the places. Some must-see destinations in Pu Luong are Son Ba Muoi, Hieu stream, Pu Luong peak, Kho Muong village, and Pho Don fair market.

Translated by Song Anh