The event featured Vietnamese and French historical and literature researchers and students from universities and colleges across the southern economic hub.

Participants were given an overview of the engagement of Indochinese soldiers and workers in the war and introduced to Vietnamese historical and literature documents on World War I, including some published during the war.

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Professor Pham Quang Minh, Rector of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities under Vietnam National University – Hanoi, said more than 20 million people died or went missing.

When the war ended, France was seriously damaged while the US gained the most, he added.

According to Dr. Henri Eckert, a lecturer of history at Sorbonne Paris IV University, in 1915, a year after the war began in France, the European country conducted a search for residents in its colonies to join the war.

For France, Indochinese people were hard-working and skillful. Therefore, by 1916, France deployed nearly 100,000 Indochinese to perform different tasks in the country.

During the workshop, youngsters had an opportunity to study historical periods of Vietnam and the world at large in addition to exchanging their viewpoints about Vietnam-France history and literature.

The event is also meant to promote cultural cooperation between the two countries.

Source: VNA