Soldiers search for unexploded bombs and mines.
He hosted a meeting on March 7 with VFP Vice President Chuck Searcy and his delegation, who are visiting Vietnam from March 5-21.

Phong lauded VFP members’ humanitarian actions to address post-war consequences. He said that they have worked in Vietnam for a long time and have fought for justice for Agent Orange (AO)/dioxin victims.

The VUFO focuses on activities to heal the pain of war, including supporting AO/dioxin victims and detoxifying AO/dioxin contaminated areas in the country, Phong said.

For his part, Chuck Searcy said that his organization will continue its efforts to heal the trauma of war while fighting for justice for AO/dioxin victims in Vietnam.

From 1961-1971, US troops sprayed more than 80 million liters of herbicides - 44 million liters of which were AO - over southern Vietnam.

As a result, about 4.8 million Vietnamese were exposed to the toxic chemical. Many of the victims have died, while millions of their descendants are living with deformities and diseases as a result of the chemical’s effects.

Source: VNA