A piece of aluminum with the name of a fallen soldier

The remains, found 1.5 meters underground, were wrapped in hammocks, in which their bones and teeth, uniforms buttons, shoes, belts, sandals, combs, and so on were found.

Especially, three remains found with personal items show that the three fallen soldiers are Nguyen Van Sa, born in 1949 in Hong Phong commune, Tan Yen district, Ha Bac province, who died on January 24, 1968; Nguyen Huu Dao, born in 1940 in Tan Dan commune, Que Vo district, Ha Ba province, who died on January 26, 1968; and Nguyen Dinh Pham.

Nguyen Van Sa and Nguyen Huu Dao served in Company 11, Battalion 4, Regiment 675B under the Artillery Corps (present Company 5, Battalion 2, Brigade 368, Army Corps 1).

At present, the relevant agencies and units under the Quang Tri provincial Military Command are accelerating the identification of the others and searching more remains of fallen troops in this place.

Translated by Song Anh