Fallen soldiers' belongings

The remains, found one meter underground, were wrapped in jungle hammocks with other belongings such as uniform buttons, shoes, and Vietnamese coins. Attentively, two pieces of aluminum were carved with the full names Nguyen Van Sa and Nguyen Huu Dao, both with an R 5/2 symbol.

The remains were identified as Vietnamese volunteer troops who sacrificed their lives during the war against American invaders in Laos.

Decoding the designation of units on the pieces of aluminum with the names of fallen troops, the Quang Tri provincial Military Command identified Nguyen Van Sa, born in 1949, a native of Hong Phong commune, Tan Yen district, Ha Bac province, who died on January 24, 1968, and martyr Nguyen Huu Dao, born in 1940, a native of Tan Dan commune, Que Vo district, Ha Bac province, who died on January 26, 1968. Both soldiers served in Company 11, Battalion 4, Regiment 675B under the Artillery Corps (present Company 5, Battalion 2, Army Corps 1’s Brigade 368).

Search and Collection Team 584 is searching for more remains of fallen troops because local people informed them of a number of troops buried in this place in early 1968.

Translated by Chung Anh