The bomb and mining clearing team of NPA/RENEW - a cooperative program between Quang Tri and foreign NGOs, and Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) to restore the environment and address the consequences of war, discovered an ammunition depot with a total of 495 bullets and explosives of all kinds in an acacia forest in Huynh Cong Tay village.

Photo for illustration

This ammunition depot is almost intact, with many bullets still have detonators and pose a danger to local people.

All of these bullets and explosives were removed safely by the team.

Quang Tri is striving to, by 2025, become the first province in Vietnam to be safe from UXO left over by the war.

It aims to clear about 3,000 ha of contaminated land and mobilize USD 10 million each year for the task during the 2021-2025 period, and announce dangerous areas to the public.

Source: VNA