The exhibition displays more than 300 images, documents and artifacts of martyrs, wounded soldiers and revolutionary contributors; gratitude activities of the Party, State, military and people to fallen soldiers and national contributors.

Cutting ribbon to kick off the exhibition

The exhibition includes three parts, featuring the care of the Party, State, and President Ho Chi Minh to fallen soldiers, wounded soldiers, heroic Vietnamese mothers, and national contributors who made great contribution to the cause of national liberation, construction and defense.

Exhibits on display in the first part reflect the remarkable contribution of the fallen and wounded soldiers, and national contributors.

Delegates at the delegation

The second part, themed “When drinking water, remember its source,” introduces activities of the Party, State, military in commemoration of war martyrs, heroic Vietnamese mothers, wounded soldiers and national contributors.

The last part features outstanding examples of wounded soldiers who have overcome difficulties to help their peers, contributing to promoting the noble virtues of Uncle Ho’s soldiers.

The exhibition aims to pay tribute and honor great contribution of the national contributors to the cause of national liberation, construction and defense, while educating the youths of the national revolutionary tradition.

The exhibition lasts until August 10.

Translated by Chung Anh