Transporting the bomb to a disposal site

Earlier, on July 18, people in Phong Hoa commune discovered a bomb in the Gianh River, near Minh Cam Trang village.

The MK82 bomb, 1.54m in length, 0.274m in diameter and 227kg in weight, was dropped by U.S. in the wartime. The bomb detonator was still intact.

Upon receiving the information, the Quang Binh provincial Military Command directed the Military Command of Tuyen Hoa district to work with relevant forces to deploy personnel, protect the scene, place warning signs, and prevent people and vehicles from approaching the area.

The engineering team under the provincial military command and MAG members promptly investigated the scene and worked out disposal measures.

After 3 hours, the joint forces successfully transported the bomb from the river-bed to a safe site for disposal with absolute safety for participating people and equipment.

Translated by Thu Hang