At the meeting, delegates recalled the heroic traditions of the naval troops in general and forces participating in Ta Lon Campaign in particular. Many of them came from Ha Nam province.

On May 3, 1975, Pol Pot (Khmer Rouge) troops attacked Phu Quoc Island and many places along the Vietnam-Cambodia land border. They occupied Tho Chu Island, killed nearly 1,000 Vietnamese people. Meanwhile, in Cambodia, they carried out the policy of genocide, killing nearly 3 million Cambodians, and imprisoning 4 million others in concentration camps. Cambodia was heavily damaged.

At the meeting

In response to the appeal of the Cambodian people and military and with the spirit of “helping friends means helping ourselves,” a number of units of the Vietnam People's Army, including the Vietnam People's Navy, were assigned to overthrowing the Pol Pot genocidal regime. After five days, the campaign ended successfully.

After Ta Lon Victory, the Party, the State conferred the title “Hero of the People's Armed Forces” on five groups and military exploit orders on individuals and heroic martyrs who bravely fought and sacrificed themselves to protect the country.

At the event, the delegates also agreed to continue devoting their mind and strength to the national construction and defense cause, carry out more gratitude activities, take care of heroic martyrs’ families, wounded soldiers, and national contributors, and uphold the virtues of Uncle Ho's soldiers.

Translated by Lam Anh