Outstanding individuals honored at the event

Reports delivered at the event revealed that over the past years, under the instruction of the provincial Party Committee and People’s Committee, agencies, organizations, and localities have strictly implemented the Politburo’s Directive and the Prime Minister’s Decision on the project on identifying unidentified remains of fallen soldiers.

Thanks to the information and documents provided by fallen soldiers’ families and local people, the provincial Steering Committee 515 has built a map of possible burial places of around 17,420 fallen soldiers in the province. So far, the province has collected 575 sets of remains of martyrs and reburied them in war cemeteries in the province or handed them over to their families. The locality also received and reburied 276 sets of remains of Vietnamese volunteer soldiers and advisors who laid down their lives while carrying out international service in Laos.

Deputy Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee and Head of the provincial Steering Committee 515 Vu A Bang said that in the coming time, together with popularizing the Party’s guidelines on the work, the province will organize activities to pay gratitude to martyrs’ families and cooperate with other forces to search and collect remains of fallen soldiers.

At the event, the provincial Steering Committee 515 honored groups and individuals with great achievements in implementing the two projects.

Translated by Tran Hoai