The Party Committee of Division 308 evaluated that Fortification 311 was an important place in Western Dien Bien Phu. Once Fortification 106 was destroyed, those stationed in Fortification 311 would definitely be confused and feared to be attacked soon. Therefore, our troops had to speed up the dissemination work among enemy troops.

French troops captured in the second offensive of our troops in Dien Bien Phu (A file photo: VNA) 

Realizing the sound direction of the division, its affiliates in charge of encircling Fortification 311 immediately used loudspeakers to conduct the psychological warfare. They also threw mortar shells with warheads removed, stuffed with leaflets at the enemy post.

On the afternoon of April 2, 1954, all two companies consisting of 120 Thai soldiers under the Third Thai Battalion stationed at Fortification 311 widely opened the gate of post and ran out to surrender. French troops in Muong Thanh discovered the case and fired cannons at the trail to the forest in an attempt to prevent Thai troops from running. Like the case in Keo village, Thai soldiers kept running towards the mountains in the west. Our troops welcomed them right at the forest gate. In a simple but emotional meeting held at night the same day in a ravine, the Thai soldiers took turns to speak. They said that, “We are saved by Uncle Ho's soldiers; we all know our sins. Now, the soldiers pulled us out of ignorance, we would like to return to our country, our villages.” Some cried because of emotion and regret. Someone took off enemy soldier's shirt and threw it on the ground in the middle of the meeting.

Fortification 311 relic site

Also on April 2, our two squads bravely penetrated deep into Muong Thanh Airbase and captured 10 prisoners of war. At 11:00, enemy troops from Muong Thanh launched a counterattack with the aim of retaking the outcrop on Hill A1, but failed.

In the Northern Delta direction, our troops destroyed two companies of the 709th Air Force Battalion of the enemy in Dong Ta (Kien An).

Translated by Mai Huong