The remains were gathered by a search team from Military Region 2 with the support of Vietnamese and Lao authorities and people, especially from Northern Laos.

The People’s Committee of the Northwestern province of Dien Bien held a ceremony on June 15 to rebury 25 sets of remains of Vietnamese soldiers who died in Laos during wartime.

Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Le Van Quy said Vietnamese soldiers promoted the unyielding tradition and devoted their lives to the two countries’ revolutionary cause and friendship.

He thanked the Lao Party, State and people for their support for their Vietnamese counterparts to overcome any difficulties.

After the memorial and burial ceremony, participants including Vietnamese and Lao officials and people offered incense to commemorate the deceased.

Earlier on January 12, the Dien Bien People’s Committee held a similar event to rebury nine sets of remains of Vietnamese soldiers who died in Laos.

Source: VNA