Martyrs' remains reburied at the war cemetery of Ea Sup district

The sets of remains of fallen troops were gathered by Search and Collection Team K51 of the provincial military command with the support from local Party committee and authorities from October 4 to November 1.

Thanks to the accurate information from local people and veterans, Team K51 found two sets of remains at villages 2 and 5 in Ea Bung commune. After the expansion of the search to village 16 in Ea Rok commune, the team found a mass grave on November 1. In the grave, they found eight sets of remains and belongings, including shoes, rubber sandals, army shirts, buttons, army belt buckles and many bullets.

What the team found completely matched with the provided information and authorized agencies determined that it was the grave of fallen troops. In addition, local witnesses recalled that Ea Sup district was a fierce battlefield in the resistance war against the U.S. invaders.

In early Spring 1972, in a fierce combat against the enemy in a place in Cu Ming commune (present village 11 in Ea Rok commune), eight troops of a unit under the Central Highlands Front sacrificed their lives. Their bodies were buried together in a hole at An Tan airbase in village 16 of Ea Rok commune.

At present, the names of the martyrs have not been identified yet.

Translated by Mai Huong