PANO - Located about 40 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, the historic Cu Chi tunnels can surprise anyone who visits them. During the fierce times of war, local people and soldiers miraculously lived and fought for national liberation from the intricate network of underground tunnels.

The historical site has been preserved and become a popular tourism destination, luring thousands of visitors from inside and outside the country every day.

The People's Army Newspaper Online would like to introduce some images of the special destination.

The Ben Duoc Memorial Temple in Cu Chi district is home to many war martyrs.
Ho Chi Minh City's leaders introducing an entrance of the tunnel to tourists.

The statues of Cu Chi soldiers drawing many tourists.

A local tour guide showing a M-16 rifle, Cu Chi soldiers' weapon, to foreigners.
The daily life of locals.
A typical tunnel entrance, barely wide enough to fit one's shoulders through.
Tourists visiting an underground spike trap at the tunnels.
Tourists stop for a while and taste food of the Cu Chi soldiers.

Translated by Huu Duc