Sailor Rallos Rory Jerome lowered to a boat before being taken to ship SAR 412

Earlier, on September 28 afternoon, the 51-year-old sailor, who was working on vessel DHT Sundarbans, fell and struck his head against a metal wall, going unconscious. He was suspected suffering traumatic brain injury. The vessel was en route from China’s Huizhou port to Singapore. 

The ship's captain immediately contacted the Vietnam MRCC to request emergency assistance for the victim.

Upon receiving the information, the center asked the DHT Sundarbans to redirect its course towards Da Nang and coordinated with relevant units to conduct the rescue mission. Since the foreign sailor was in a critical health condition, it dispatched the specialized search and rescue ship SAR 412 with a medical team from Da Nang city’s Emergency Center on board to carry out the rescue and provide emergency aid for the patient.

Having reached Da Nang, the patient was taken to Da Nang-based Vinmec Hospital for treatment.

On September 29 morning, the SAR 412 successfully approached the DHT Sundarbans. The medical team immediately got on the vessel to provide on-the-spot emergency aid for the Filipino sailor before the SAR 412 took him to Da Nang for examination and treatment.

Translated by Tran Hoai