This is the result of significant movements, programs, and models towards impoverished people in border areas actively launched by the Border Post of Ha Tien International Border Gate under the Kien Giang provincial Border Guard Command, which manages more than 14km of land border.

Hong Quang Trung (second from right) visits and encourages border troops at a checkpoint.

Attaching his life to Ha Tien border area for more than five decades, over 70-years-old Hong Quang Trung, a resident of My Duc ward, a Chinese Vietnamese, still actively joins border guard forces and organizations in disseminating law to people in border hamlets.

He daily visits shops and hamlets after his house work to see whether there is anything strange to report to border guard troops at checkpoints and border post for timely handling. He once met traffickers and persuaded them to quit the illegal work and get legal jobs. It is for his sincerity local people show respect to him and follow him. For border guards, old Trung is like their father and uncle.

Lieutenant Colonel Le Tuan Phong, Deputy Political Commissar of the Border Post of Ha Tien International Border Gate, said that Trung’s family live on farming. Though his house is just about 1km from the borderline, his family has never engaged in or supported smugglers. Trung is the oldest person taking the lead in movements organized by the post and local authorities. Living among the Viet, Hoa and Khmer people, Trung is capable of speaking their languages. Therefore, border posts often invite him to take the stage to disseminate information to local people during meetings.

Like Trung, Thi My Loan, a Khmer woman in Chau Thanh district, is among the most active Women’s Union members in Xa Xia residential area. She has rich knowledge of local customs and rituals, so whenever she voices her opinions, other members follow.

Loan recalled that in the past there was no road to border markers where her family lives nearby. She often used her self-made ferry to take border guards across water to disseminate information or survey teams and press delegations to the last section of the Vietnam-Cambodia borderline. For more than 30 years living in the border area, her family has become outstanding citizens of Xa Xia area.

Another support for local border guards is Nop Le who also lives in Xa Xia. She owns a small roadside shop. Her husband and she work as hired laborers to make a living and pay for their children’s study. Despite difficulties, she often lends house to border guard force, the Fatherland Front and other organizations to hold meetings with local people. Last year, she was admitted to the local women group in charge of protecting the border and border markers.

Thi My Loan (second from left) and Hong Quang Trung (third from left) meeting local people to raise their awareness of complying with local regulations

Chao Chai, aged over 50, head of Group 9 in My Lo residential area, is among people actively making contribution to new-style rural area building. He is always the first person to volunteer to do local activities, such as building roads, houses, and collecting waste.

With their contribution, these people have helped build a firm whole people’s border posture in the locality, joining hands with local forces and authorities to manage and safeguard territorial sovereignty, border security and build a borderline of peace, stability, friendship, cooperation and development.

Source: baobienphong

Translated by Mai Huong