Rear Admiral Dang Minh Hai talks with fallen troop Nguyen Van Hieu’s wife.

The deed was part of the activities marking the 60th anniversary of the opening of the Ho Chi Minh trail at sea (October 23, 1961-2021).

The delegation visited Pham Thi Vy, widow of hero, martyr Nguyen Van Hieu, former Commissar of Ship 645 and Nguyen Van Tu whose father is hero, martyr Nguyen Chanh Tam, former Captain of Ship 165. Both ships 645 and 165 belonged to the No-Number Ship Unit (present Brigade 125 of Naval Region 2).

During the visits, Rear Admiral Dang Minh Hai and his entourage offered incense in tribute to the fallen troops and expressed deep gratitude to their families and their contribution to the national liberation and reunification cause.

He also hoped that the fallen troops’ families will continue bringing into full play the revolutionary tradition of the nation, educate their children, build exemplary families of culture, and make further contribution to the development of the country and their home town.

Source: baohaiquanvietnam

Translated by Song Anh