Earlier, storm Molave, the ninth of this year, made landfall in Quang Nam province, which left many people dead, injured or missing.

Senior Lieutenant General Phan Van Giang, Chief of the General Staff and Deputy Defense Minister, sent a request requiring relevant agencies and military units to implement preventive measures, and ensure safety for their troops and local people.

Photo for illustration. Source: qdnd.vn

According to the request, military units and relevant agencies must strictly maintain combat readiness and military discipline, check the geological and hydrological conditions in areas where the units are stationed, especially the units in Military Region 4 and 5. In addition, these units should closely coordinate with the local armed forces and authorities to quickly overcome consequences caused by the recent storms, and promptly evacuate forces and vehicles from areas prone to landslides.

The units were requested to regularly follow the situation, then promptly report to MND leaders.

* The Military Command of Nghe An province mobilized its troops to transport food and help local people overcome the natural disaster consequences.

Earlier, heavy and prolonged rains caused flooding in many communes of Hung Nguyen district.

Providing food and clean water to needy people in Hung Nguyen district

Receiving the information, the provincial Military Command sent 50 troops and 300 militiamen to coordinate with local authorities to quickly evacuate flood-hit people to safer areas.

The command also sent 289 boxes of instant noodles, 243 tanks of clean water, and dry food to flood victims in Hung Nguyen district.

In the coming days, the unit will maintain a team to help people mitigate storm consequences, as well as ensure safety for locals and their property.

Translated by Chung Anh