During the event, participants were updated on legal regulations on road traffic and measures to ensure traffic safety; gambling-related offenses and measures to prevent gambling and other social evils within the military; the Law on Management and Protection of Defense Works and Military Areas in 2023; the Law on Entry and Exit of Vietnamese Citizens in 2019.

An orator updates participants on road traffic-related knowledge.

Orators also provided information related to violations and crime situation in Vietnam in general and the military and the Navy in particular; clarified causes and recommended solutions to prevent and deter violations within the units.

The event attracts the active participation of officials, staff, and workers of Naval Flotilla 129.

According to Naval Flotilla 129’s leaders, the event aimed to enhance officials, staff, and workers’ legal knowledge and their responsibility to abide by law and military discipline, thus minimizing law and discipline violations, towards building a clean and strong party organization and comprehensively strong unit that is capable of successfully fulfilling military, defense, and production missions.

Translated by Chung Anh